On her journey through life, Anna has discovered pearls of truth that have added wisdom, joy, and dimension to her life and that she now shares to add value to our own journey. Not only has she harvested the pearls from her own experience, but she has also found pearls in the lives of God's Women of Faith throughout the centuries. And now she has blessed us with these wonderful books, The Secret Place Series—an exhibit of those pearls for our delight and edification.

This Exhibit in Written Form is a gathering of 150 Women of Faith, and each of us is honored with a special invitation to attend. Some of the women we meet there are well known and we renew our acquaintance with them. Others are less known and we are reminded of their unique brilliance. And a few are unknown and our meeting is a welcome introduction and addition to our life. Thanks to Anna, all have brought their pearls and thereby add significant value to our own lives.

We are not to rush through this exhibit. We are to take our time, enjoying each pearl, one-by-one, over many days and months—even years. And when we come to the end, we can revisit all over again, each time deriving fresh wisdom and letting God's peace that is beyond our understanding settle our thoughts and our emotions. We are reminded that we can trust Him! The record shows it. The pearls prove it. Revisit The Secret Place Series often.

Dr. Susan Stubbs Hyatt, Founder of the International Christian Women's History Project and Hall of Fame

Dr. Susan Stubbs Hyatt (b. 1946) is a church research historian, Bible scholar, ordained minister (1983) author, publisher, and life-long, professional educator. She is the founding coordinator of the International Christian Women's Hall of Fame and History Project, a multifaceted undertaking to equip women to be change agents in society and the Christian community by honoring women of the past and present, and by providing interactive education, strategic resources, significant relationships, leadership training, and ministry opportunities.

A Canadian by birth and citizenship, she was awarded the Governor Generals Medal, the highest award given to outstanding High School Graduate (1964), and she went on to graduate with honors from the University of New Brunswick Teachers College (1966) in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In college she fellowshipped with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and attended IVCF's Urbana Missionary Conference at the University of Illinois in 1967, 1970, and 1973. While teaching, she sponsored IVCF groups and taught the Bible.

After several years of teaching public school and college in New Brunswick, Susan graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute (1976) and summa cum laude from a Christian university in Northeast Texas. After earning two Master's degrees with honors: one in Historical/Theological Studies, and the other in Biblical Studies (1994), she did a year of post-graduate studies at the Center for Advanced Theological Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary (1994-95). She later earned the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree from the School of Divinity at Regent University (2000).

Susan is the recipient of many academic awards, such as WHO'S WHO Among Students, the National Religion and Philosophy Award, National Dean's Honor's List, Academic All American, and Delta Epsilon Chi (Honor Society of the American Association of Bible Colleges). In recognition of her leadership and significant contributions in her field, she was selected for The Heritage Registry of WHO'S WHO (2007).

For almost twenty years, Susan served as a ghostwriter for ministers who have a global impact. While she continues to ghostwrite and publish selectively as the Lord leads, she now focuses with her husband Dr. Eddie Hyatt on wirting and publishing, especially through Hyatt Press. Some of her works include: Where Are My Susannas?, 10 Things Jesus Taught about Women, Who's the Boss?, In the Spirit We're Equal, The Nature of Biblical Unity, Thinking Biblically, and The Spirit, The Bible, and Women. These works, as well as her doctoral dissertation from Regent University (2000): A Biblical Theology of Womanhood for Spirit-Oriented Believers are available at their bookstore.

Susan is a contributing editor to the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization published by Blackwell (Oxford and Boston) in 2008.

Susan and her husband Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together they have planted churches, founded and directed Bible schools, and ministered internationally. They are co-founders of Hyatt International Ministries and Hyatt Press. Their passion is to see genuine, Biblical Christianity prevail over fallen culture and human-centered religion. Within it, they believe, is everything that enables believers to flourish in every aspect of life. Their purpose is to promote spiritual awakening and biblical thinking among the nations, that God's ways may be known to and through His people (Psalm 67:1-2).

Dr. Hyatt can be reached online at or through her website at

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