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Order by Mail

If you are not comfortable ordering on the Internet, you can send a personal check, money order, cashier's check, or other form of payment in U.S. Dollars to the following address:

Order Fulfillment Center
White Cottage Publishing Company
201 Raton Street, Ste. 112
Trinidad, CO 81082

Make sure you include $4.50 per book for Media Rate shipping or $6.00 per book for Priority MailĀ® Shipping in the United States. For shipping to Canada, please include $12.00 per book. For shipping to Australia and Western Europe, please include $21.00 per book. Other buyers please Email our Sales Desk for shipping information.

Bulk discounts for one or more cartons of books are also available sent directly from the printer to your address. Email our Sales Desk for information and pricing.


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